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Tanning centres enable us to get the tan we’ve always wanted more quickly than if we did so by sunbathing directly outdoors and even preventing potential harm that may occur from the latter by over exposure.

However, when it comes to tanning with UV ray technology, it is vital to take different measures into consideration before, during and after each session.

Always follow the recommendations of the centre’s professionals

UV and UVB Fullvision Lessian Eye protection

On any of the occasions that we subject ourselves to these sessions, it is important to follow the recommendations of the staff at the centre we are attending. Even so, at Lessian we provide you with some measures to bear in mind:

Before exposure:

  • Know your skin’s phototype and respect the tanning times that are recommended for it.
  • Clean any cosmetic products from the skin, especially perfumes and makeup.
  • Remove contact lenses, jewellery and metal objects.
  • Always use eye protection.
  • Respect a period of 48 hours between sessions.
  • Don’t go to the beach or sunbathe the same day as a UV session.
  • Do not expose yourself to UV rays if you are taking medication and/or substances that increase the skin’s sensitivity since they can cause undesirable hypersensitive reactions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist.

 During UV exposure:

  • Never enter the artificial tanning device wet.
  • Stop the device if your body temperature increases.
  • If the skin reddens, stop the session, let your body cool down and reduce the exposure time.

After exposure:

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun.
  • Check with your doctor if you have any queries and in particular if red areas, blisters or sores appear after one or more sessions of UV rays.
  • The center should publicly display the document that proves the communication of the setting up of the sunbeds it has.
  • The UV ray devices must have passed the corresponding yearly inspection. Each sunbed must have a visible label with the date of the next inspection.
  • The center must have a minimum of one person who has the appropriate technical training to handle the tanning devices.
  • The center must create a file with our details, specific recommendations, skin phototype, sessions received and the type of exposure of total doses received.
  • The center must have an informative poster regarding the risks and precautions users should take in a visible area of the reception or waiting room.
  • They must give us appropriate eye protection free of charge (clean and approved by the European Community).
  • The center must have changing rooms and toilets with cold drinking water / hot water, soap dispenser and electric hand dryer or disposable towels.
  • The center must have a first aid kit.
  • The premises, instruments, goggles and sunbeds must look clean.
  • The protectors and sunbeds must be disinfected after each treatment session.
  • Official complaint forms must be made available.

More and more people resort to this type of technology to achieve the tan they have always dreamed of.

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