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For users accustomed to tanning sessions with UV rays and even laser hair removal, the term skin phototype is widely known.

Knowing this information is essential before receiving any type of treatment on our skin. It isn’t just important to take care of our sight by protecting it with certified eye protection, but it is essential to find out what type of skin we have.

What is skin phototype?

It is the skin’s capacity to absorb solar radiation according to aspects such as the type of pigmentation, natural hair colour or the increased tendency to burn or tan. It is a crucial piece of information to identify the reaction that the skin may have during exposure to laser or tanning sessions with UV rays.

There is a whole range of types with different patterns that help us to know what phototype our skin belongs to:


Phototypes Hair Colour Skin Colour Tendency to burn Tanning
I Albino/red-haired Very pale Always Never
II Red-haired Fair Very easily Very light
III Light brown Fair Easily Light
IV Dark brown Dark skinned Rarely Quite
V Very dark Dark skinned Exceptionally A lot
VI Black Black Never Black


Taking our phototype into account, the professionals at the centre we go to should advise us about whether we can use artificial tanning devices and for how long each day. This way, we will protect the health of our skin, which, along with good eye  protection, will guarantee the success and safety of our treatment.

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